Welcome to gift giving, made simple.

Welcome to holiday shopping, made simple.

Welcome to holiday budgeting, made simple.

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Giftory for Windows XP/Vista/7 version 1.0

Giftory has features that you’ll actually use.

Giftory offers you the ability to set up a budget for an occasion. Then, you can divide that budget amongst the people you plan to spend money on. Giftory tracks your budgeting, tracks how much of your budget you have allocated to people and tracks how much of your budget you have yet to allocate.

Within each person’s budget, Giftory tracks how much money you’ve spent on presents for them, and how much money you have yet to spend on presents you are planning to buy for them.

Giftory doesn’t prevent you from spending beyond your budget, but it makes a point to warn you when you’ve done so.

Everyone has a wish list. Kids always have long wish lists for their birthday and for Christmas, often scribbled in crayon on a piece of paper. Even adults have a list of things they wish they would get, that they often just drop hints about.

Giftory does wish lists

Giftory lets everyone in the household create their own wish list, including the name of the gift, how much it costs, where it can be bought, and a link to a webpage where it can be found.

Then, each wish list can be published to a public folder on your computer, where every other member of the family can read them. Or, if you have a .Mac/MobileMe account (Mac version), or a Dropbox account (Windows version), a wish list can be published to that account, and read by anyone, (even if they don’t own a copy of Giftory - an unregistered copy will do it,) anywhere.

What’s more, if you publish a wish list to a .Mac/MobileMe account, anyone with an iPhone can download a free app which will let them view the wish list, anytime, anywhere... like while they’re out shopping. (Mac version only)

Don’t like braving the mass of teeming humanity that is the shopping mall? Prefer to do all of your shopping online? Giftory is integrated with two of the biggest online shopping destinations:

For any gift in your list, you can perform a customizable search of the above shopping destinations, and you are presented with results that include the price and a thumbnail image of the item, if available. You can then go straight to the purchase web page of the item to buy it.

Do you have multiple children?

Do you try to make a point of getting them the same number of gifts for their birthdays or Christmas?

Do you try to spend about the same amount of money for each of them for their birthdays or Christmas?

On the day before a birthday, or on Christmas Eve, do you have any idea if you’ve achieved either of those goals?

You do now.

Giftory has a view that allows you to display any number of gift lists side-by-side, for any occasion.

Giftory’s standard view is very detailed, allowing you to designate which gifts you’ve already purchased, and which gifts you may plan to purchase later. You can even assign a priority to the gifts so you can keep track of how important a given gift is to you. In this standard view, Giftory plainly displays the amount of money you have spent on a given person for a given occasion, and how much money is left to spend on the gifts that you’re still planning to buy.